A Cinematic Imagination: Josef Wirsching and the Bombay TalkiesGuest Curators : Debashree Mukherjee & Rahaab Allana
01 Mar 2024 - 17 Apr 2024

This exhibition is a tribute to the German cinematographer Josef Wirsching, a pioneer of Indian cinema. It explores the story of a world across worlds, of geo-cultural convergences that brought together Berlin and Calcutta, Munich and Bombay. The exhibition highlights how Wirsching's artistic imagination infused Indian cinema with the psychological depth and stylistic ethos of German Expressionism, responsible for the cinematic stylings of ground-breaking films of the era such as ‘Jawani ki Hawa’ (1935), ‘Achhut Kanya’ (1936), ‘Mahal’ (1949) and ‘Pakeezah’ (1972).

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