Nancy Adajania

Nancy Adajania is a Bombay-based cultural theorist and curator. She has pioneered a regionally anchored theorisation of new media art in India in her essay ‘New Media Overtures Before New Media Practice in India’ published by Marg, in 2009. She curated ‘Counter-Canon-Counter-Culture: Alternative Histories of Indian Art’ at the Serendipity Arts Festival, in Goa, 2019, where she showed 42 experimental works including Padamsee’s ‘Syzygy’, Ashim Ahluwalia’s ‘Events in a Cloud Chamber’, and the visionary but unfinished film ‘A Memoir of the Future’ by Shahani. CCCC resurrected and created a dynamic montage of the unknown or unrecognised histories of experimentation and collaboration in photography, film, music and transmedia experiences. Adajania recently led an online curatorial workshop ‘Once Upon a Cultural Famine: A Curatorial Thought Experiment’ for the Kochi Biennale Foundation.