Voicing a Presence: Women artists from the Jehangir Nicholson CollectionCurated by Kamini Sawhney
27 Apr 2012 - 14 Feb 2013

Voicing a Presence turned the spotlight on women artists and featured over 50 works in the collection created by them. It reflected the strong interest and support the collector Jehangir Nicholson extended to their work, funding some of the first serious studies of contemporary women artists in India. In an age when women had to fight for prominence, he was an avid collector of their works – close to 60 women artists are represented in the collection.

The exhibition recorded the struggle of women artists who during the 50’s and 60’s were restricted to the fringes of the art movements. It was only in the following decades that they began to make their presence felt. This was about the time Nicholson started collecting – so their histories intersected.

The exhibition featured a whole range of artists through 70's 80's and 90's when women registered a strong presence on the Indian art scene.


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