Portraits of a Collector: Photographs by Jehangir NicholsonCurated by Kamini Sawhney
12 Mar 2015 - 26 Mar 2015

In collaboration with the FOCUS Photography Festival

Jehangir Nicholson was best known as a collector of modern Indian art. But his other great passion - photography, can be traced back to his childhood and endured to the very end. Nicholson spent his early years fiddling with a camera, recording sights, events and people. In the later years he was seen at a whole range of events across the city, but never without his lens. He has photographed airports, museums, buildings, car races, beaches and wild life.  But his most enduring images are of people – Nicholson loved people and capturing them on his lens. He shot them at art events, public meetings, beauty pageants, weddings, parties – whatever took his fancy. The range that he covered was extensive  - from Indira Gandhi, Sharad Pawar and Sushil Kumar Shinde to  Mother Teresa, MF Husain and Sushmita Sen.

This exhibition celebrated the constant crossover that Nicholson made between art collector and photographer till both interests became co-existent in the same space. Many of his later photographs were of artists and the art world. Mumbaikars fondly remember that no art event was complete without Jehangir Nicholson and his lens.

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