Nothing is Absolute: A Journey Through AbstractionCurated by Mehlli Gobhai & Ranjit Hoskote
26 Feb 2013 - 30 Sep 2013

Nothing is Absolute presented an unorthodox account of the several strands that tell the story of abstraction in India.

The history of abstract art, seen through the eyes of a distinguished abstractionist Mehlli Gobhai lead us on a journey through philosophies, theories, metaphors and cultural sources that have nourished his practice over five decades. He focused on themes that have inspired Indian abstract art: the theories of Kandinsky, Klee and Mondrian, the hidden order of nature, the sacred geometry of Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic architecture, the objects and practices of everyday life.

In collaboration with cultural theorist Ranjit Hoskote, Gobhai selected works from the Jehangir Nicholson collection, objects from the CSMVS and artworks from private collections to propose a nuanced and layered account of Indian abstraction.

Exhibition Catalogue:

Nothing is absolute: A journey through abstraction

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Year of publication: 2013
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