Woven Chronicles and other Stories:An encounter with Reena Kallat
16 Sep 2015

Reena Kallat uses material very imaginatively imbuing it with conceptual nuances, incorporating drawing, photography, video and sculpture. She discussed her work, and the thoughts and ideas that inspire it.

Reena's site specific installation ‘Woven Chronicles’, which was on view at the Vancouver Art Gallery's Offsite space, reflected how people all over the world are increasingly interconnected by a web of communication, cultural exchange and migration while simultaneously there are ensuing conflicts and cultural barriers. The artist spoke to us about the motivations, ideas and materials that shape not just this work but the development of her practice over the years, including her most recent body of work Hyphenated Lives, which was exhibited at Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai in September 2015.


Reena Kallat

Reena Kallat is a one of India’s most important contemporary artists. Her practice spans drawing, photography, sculpture and video and engages diverse materials, imbued with conceptual underpinnings. She is interested in the role that memory plays, not only what we choose to remember but also how we think of the past. All her works reflect the constant shifts beween building and collapsing movements like of birth, death and rebirth. Some of her motifs are the rubberstamp, electric cables and salt as a medium. She has widely exhibited at institutions in India and across the world. She has exhibited her works all over the country and the world, and has her works in various private and public collections.

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