Wikipedia Edit-a-thonIn Collaboration with Art+Feminism and Heritage Lab
20 Mar 2021

Did you know
- that less that 15% of editors on Wikipedia are women?
- that in India, this number is even lower- a meagre 3%?
- that this lack of involvement leads to us missing out learning about influential women whose stories are not being preserved.

Editathons are events where people come together to improve content on a specific topic on sites like Wikipedia.

JNAF teamed up with Art+Feminism to host a special hybrid edit-a-thon to increase the online visibility of Indian women artists. 

Participants got an exclusive look at the women artists that are part of the JNAF collection with access to our library and resources. A total of 23 Wikipedia articles were edited and 3 new pages on women artists were created, including a page on Pilloo Pochkhanawala and Reba Hore (wife of Somnath Hore)

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