Urbanisation in India
25 Mar 2014

25th March & 7th April 2014 | Workshop with students from Hill Springs School

“Taking the line for a Walk”, is a celebration of all the wonderful drawings in the Jehangir Nicholson collection. We wanted children to recognize the importance of drawing right from the early cave paintings of man.

This exhibition looks at Drawing as a significant art practice - as an end product in itself, rather than as it is often perceived - a preliminary planning of a work, a source of reference or simply a record of a visual or mental experience.

Sudhir Patwardhan’s Dying City provided the theme for the workshop -urbanization in India. We introduced the students to urbanization and its relationship with the environment. Other aspects of urbanisation were discussed including its problems, ways to prevent rapid urbanisation and contrasts between urban and rural areas.

We then walked the children through the exhibition, introducing them to the 45 drawings from the Jehangir Nicholson collection, which were on display with special focus on the charming houses that dot Raza’s canvas contrasting with the austere skyline of Sudhir Patwardhan in Dying City.

The task for the workshop was to create their own dream landscape, either urban or rural using watercolour and crayons.

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