Two-Day Event of Dialogue and Performance25th and 26th October, 2018
25 Oct 2018

Jehangir Nicholson Art Foundation in collaboration with CSMVS and KNMA presented a two-day event of dialogue and performance as part of the exhibition, "Earth as haven: under the canopy of love" by Jayashree Chakravarty.

Day 1:Soumik N Majumdar in conversation with the artist and the curator of the show - Jayashree Chakravarty and Roobina Karode. This was followed with a performance by the pioneer of modern dance in India - Astad Deboo.  A Dream of Sunrise is a performance choreographed around the exhibition presented in the gallery.
Day 2: Astad Deboo performed A Dream of Sunrise.


Jayashree Chakravarty

Jayashree Chakravarty was born in Khoai, Tripura in 1956. She completed her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Viswa Bharati in the sprawling natural environs of Santiniketan, and then obtained her postgraduate diploma in Fine Arts from the MS University of Baroda, where she was exposed to an urban sensibility. She was also an artist in residence at Aix en Provence from 1993-95, where she was influenced in the formative years of her practice by the French movement Supports/Surfaces, especially by Claude Viallat. 

She spent her early years in Kolkata, in the proximity of hills and forests thereby coming across a variety of flora and fauna. Soon, the township became a concrete jungle, with few traces of the natural past left behind. This influenced her paintings, where the old and new cityscapes are melded with a fine expertise. An occasional bird, a broken window, or a brick wall emerge out of the mossy hue and mouldy texture of some of the works.

Inventing her own art making techniques, using organic material and varied kinds of papers, her installations in the form of paper scrolls remain unique in their conceptions and execution. Her works are autobiographical and dream-like in nature. Her ink on paper sketches are exercises in transition and transform personal experience into mystical truth. She experiments with an exciting variety of media like rice paper, tissue and cellophane. In her works, she uses superimposed forms, quite like the sketches that cave painters worked on before they mapped them on the walls of caves. Her imagery, because of her fluid and transparent images, reflect the present mood of the world, which is fluid in itself. At a mere conventional and figurative level, her works reflect the unity of man with nature. Motifs such as dogs, waves and serried crescent shapes recur in her works.

She received the Gujarat Lalit Kala Akademi Award and the Second Bharat Bhavan Biennale Award in 1988. She has also been honoured with Bombay Art Society Award, Mumbai (1980) and Honourable Mention Award, Asian Art Biennial, Dhaka, Bangladesh (1997) to name a few. The artist lives and works in Kolkata.


Astad Deboo

Astad Deboo is the pioneer of modern dance in India. He has trained in Kathak and Kathakali – dance styles from both the North and the south of the country.

He studied the Martha Graham dance technique at London and has worked with acclaimed performers like Pina Bausch of the Wuppertal Dance Company and Alison Chase of the Pilobolus. Astad has brought all these different experiences together to create a style that is uniquely his own.

He has been awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1996 and Padma Shri in 2007, for his contribution to contemporary dance in India. He has danced on the Great wall of China, performed with Pink Floyd in London, and was commissioned by Pierre Cardin to choreograph a piece for the legendary prima ballerina of the Boshoi ballet company Maya Plissetskaya.

The Astad Deboo Foundation, formed 12 years ago, looks to provide creative training to both the able and the disabled, and to facilitate the artistic development of talented deaf dancers. His most recent achievement was his invitation to Buckingham Palace to inaugurate the UK-India Year of Culture in 2017.

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