The Magic of Mohan Samant
19 Nov 2013

19th November 2013 | Workshop with students from Akanksha NGO

29th January 2014 | Workshop with students from Seva Sadan

Mohan Samant is one of the most exciting artists to introduce to children.  Viewing his paintings is like entering a magical world – a world of colour, texture, wondrous floating figures, strange recessed compartments and toy animals wandering into the frame ever so often.  Samant created an enchanted world through his paintings, referencing over 5000 years of art from all over the world but creating a work that was uniquely his own. The idea was to acquaint children with his work in an effort to fire their imagination and creative skills.

Students were walked through the exhibition ‘Mohan Samant: Paintings' and introduced to the various techniques and materials that he used including watercolours, oils, acrylic, paper cutouts, ink drawings, spackle, textured surfaces, sculpting on the paint surface, wire drawings etc.

The workshop showed children how to create a mixed media work, combining his paper cut out technique with watercolours. The children were first asked to paint a jungle scene with trees and flora. Paper cut outs of wild animals like leopards, snakes, monkeys, macaws, alligators, elephants were then given to them to juxtapose on to the background and create a three dimensional work.

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