Tapestry: An Arts Workshop
13 Nov 2016

In collaboration with Junoon, a Stage for Theatre

Spread over two weekends, this intensive workshop immersed participants in an arts-enriched world that routinely cross-pollinates with science, politics, geography, philosophy and history. A carefully curated selection of masterclasses, walking tours, reading sessions, lecture demonstrations, theatre rehearsals, and performances led by artists and scientists opens a portal into the city's memory, unravelling a unique tapestry of experiences. Awakening to the many ways of living with the arts, participants concluded the workshop with their individual presentations of critical arts writing and/or illustrated pieces which were conducted at the Jehangir Nicholson Gallery. 

Tapestry is aimed at memory makers seeking new ways to engage with performance, arts practitioners looking to record the trajectory between what has been and what could be, writers and illustrators interested in building playful, living cultural archives, collectors of storytellers, and the ceaselessly curious. 

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