Raza Workshop
08 Aug 2013

Workshop with students from Happy Home & School for the Blind

These visually challenged children were first given an introduction to abstract art, abstract artists, their influences and inspirations. They were then given a walk through 'Nothing is Absolute: A Journey through Abstraction'. 

We focused on one of the greatest abstractionists - S.H. Raza, and gave the children an insight into his life, his work and style. The tactile element was introduced to help children with barely any vision acquire a sense of what his paintings were all about. Raza’s Bindu was recreated with materials that created contours and enabled children to read the painting through touch and feel.

Each child created two works of art based on what they had learnt about Raza. They painted on a square of wood that used tactile surfaces to guide them in creating works with geometric shapes and bright colours, in the Raza style as well as a mixed media work on paper.

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