Mirror ImageOnline activity for 'Akbar Padamsee: A Tribute' exhibition.
18 May 2020

Akbar Padamsee's iconic work from the JNAF collection, "Mirror Image" was a point of inspiration for this online outreach initiative around the exhibition 'Akbar Padamsee: A Tribute'. The works from the "Mirror Image" series were first exhibited at Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai in the mid-90s and draw on the elements - earth, water, fire, air - to present a series of reflections. The dual aspects of every event in nature is emphasised on two separate canvasses, one representing the apparent and the other, its inverse. The canvasses together represent a whole, where two different realities are echoed in the work.

We asked people to share their creative responses to the artwork, and received over 162 image entries from across the globe. On International Museum Day we'd like to share a selection of these images.

(Image copyright with the artist. Reproduction or use without artist consent is prohibited.)

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