Mapping Artist’s Journeys
13 Apr 2016

13th April 2016 | Workshop with foundation year students from Indian School of Design & Innovation

26th May 2016 | Workshop with students from Aditya Birla World Academy, IB Art students

This workshop was aimed to trace the development of an artist over time particularly through the narrative of the exhibition that was on display then at the gallery, The Journey is the Destination. The exhibition displayed works of eight contemporary artists in the collection- juxtaposing an earlier work with a contemporary one. The difference between the two works reflected the artist’s journey and the development of his craft over time. 

This workshop provided the students with an opportunity to explore the journeys of two specific artists from the show, Vivan Sundaram and Atul Dodiya. The aim was not only to expose them to the different mediums and forms of artistic practice through a visual presentation, but also to encourage them to critically analyze an artist’s development over the course of his or her career. This in turn helped them to develop ideas for their extended essays and understand their own journey as young art and design students. 

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