Introduction of the Jehangir Nicholson Collection
07 Dec 2011

Workshop with students from Hill Spring School

The aim was to introduce the Jehangir Nichsolon collection to the students and get them to explore their responses to what they saw. The workshop conducted by Usha Rajaram encouraged children to interact with the paintings and then develop further on the thoughts the paintings inspired them with.
The children responded in a myriad forms-  a series of poems, a story board, rap dance and a combination of mime and verse.

This was one of the performances celebrating  SH Raza’s painting – Earth.


The artist thought what shall I make
Nothing real but something fake
He finally thought of making something nice
A little sweet with a pinch of spice.

He added colours like orange, red and yellow
Oh he is a creative fellow!
He used lines fat and thin,
Curvy, wavy, wide and slim.

He did not learn from any school
Neither did he use regulations or rules
He worked hard day and night,
He used colours dull and bright, but he did just right.

He became a great artist with collections of his own
And did not have to pay any loan.

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