Horses & Husain
19 Dec 2014

19th December 2014 | Workshop with students from CHIP Mumbai

20th December 2014 | Workshop with students from Apun Ka Club

Kekoo, Kali & Jehangir: Framing a Collection celebrated 3 iconic figures who helped nurture and sustain the art movement in Mumbai beginning in the 60’s. It explored the relationship of friendship and trust that developed between the collector Jehangir Nicholson and gallerists Kali Pundole and Kekoo Gandhy and how it helped build one of the best collections of modern Indian art in the 1950s. The workshop was to acquaint children with this slice of Mumbai’s art history, showing them how collections were built alongside deep friendships and the exchange of ideas and thoughts that flowed between gallerists, collectors and artists.

The art activity focused on one of the India’s most iconic painters - M.F.Husain who shared a very special relationship with his gallerist Kali Pundole. Since “Horses” were one of Husain’s great inspirations the practical section of the workshop was constructed around this theme.  The students had to create their own interpretation of Husain's horses.

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