Create Your Storyboard
18 May 2016

Workshop with students from Bombay International School

The students were first acquainted with the exhibition-‘The Journey is the Destination’.  They were briefed about the eight artists who featured in the exhibition, the possible contexts for each work and the various sources of inspiration. The children were given an understanding of the development of the artist’s practice over time as the exhibition displays two works each-one earlier work juxtaposed with a recent work dating from 1970 up to 2016.  

Following this, each child was asked to brainstorm about his/her journey and create a mind map that included objects that had influenced their lives. They then picked five objects/ words from their maps and tried to find suitable images relating to them bringing it all together finally in a collage. Each student got one minute to talk about their storyboard representing their journey and what their collage represented.

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