Conserving the CollectionThe Caring Path for 5000 Years of Our Art
02 Sep 2016

Premchand Roychand Gallery, CSMVS | 2nd September - 1st November 2016

From 2015 – 2017, 150 iconic objects, spanning 4000 years of history from the Indus Valley Civilisation to the contemporary age, were conserved and restored at the CSMVS Museum Art Conservation Centre as part of the ConservArte Citi-CSMVS Art Conservation Project. The first ConservArte exhibition saw fifty such iconic objects documented, scientifically examined and conserved. The objects included stand for former communities, their environments and their interactions and represent a chronology of cultural forms and traditions from the Indian subcontinent. From the sacred, to the ritualistic, to the utilitarian, these documents of human activity embody crucial information about civilisations, their belief systems and their technologies. Each of the artefacts represent a particular object-making tradition and now, conservation practices have extended their life. This exhibition is an accound of these iconic objects, their brief history of the subcontinent reflected in the, the science and philosophy behind the conservation of artworks, and the careful conservation treatments undertaken.The exhibiti ended with a 1962 Untitled painting by V S Gaitonde, from the Jehangir Nichoslon Art Foundation.

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