Urmil Jain

Urmil Jain was born in Lahore in 1938. She got her Diploma from Rachna Sansad, Mumbai in Textile Designing in 1984. From 1962-65 she was a member of ‘The Unknown’ group of young painters & sculptors. From 1954 – 1959 she got a National Diploma in Fine Art from Delhi Polytechnic, Delhi under the guidance of renowned painters like B C Sanyal, Sailoz Mukherjee and Biren De. She graduated from Punjab University. 

Jain’s narrative paintings have many stories to tell, that unfold in the light of day and by moonlight, as her paintings do. She knows how to thrust light upon the canvas and create romance and mystery. Her works show an innocence of discovery in the magical nuances that she creates with pictorial acumen and lush, intense colour. Her works have sharp, sweeping strokes of the brush that give them a slightly austere character, and look like they are moving on their own. She is inspired by often over-looked everyday beauty.The balance of light and shade in her paintings gives it an almost a mystical feel, conjuring up feelings of intrigue and romanticism. She had a special way of composing landscapes with a palette that nudges your innermost thoughts.

Not only is Jain an artist, but a poet as well. Her short poems and stories in Hindi and English are published in various magazines as well as recited on Vividh Bharati and on All India Radio.They have also been published in a book ‘Jaade ki Ek Dhoop’. Her second book was ‘Indradhanushi Kaanch Se’. She has taught art as a postgraduate art teacher in Delhi and Mumbai for 25 years. 

Jain’s works are part of significant private collections in India, USA, UK, Europe, Kuwait, Singapore & London. She has several solo and group shows to her credit. She is a life member of Bombay Art Society, Art Society of India, Artists Centre, Jehangir Art Gallery. Her work ‘Blue Vase’ was selected and printed as greeting cards by Concern India charitable organization.

Jain lives and works in Mumbai.