Shireen Gandhy

Shireen Gandhy owns one of Mumbai’s oldest commercial art spaces– Chemould Gallery. Chemould is one of Mumbai’s oldest galleries, which was founded by her parents Kekoo and Khorshed Gandhy. Shireen joined her parents in 1988 and added a new dynamism to its programme by spearheading a particular focus on young emerging artists with an experimental and interdisciplinary approach to practice and media. The artists represented within the stable of the gallery represent the very contemporary nature of the nation as it stands today, addressing issues of the national and the global as seen in the works of Atul Dodiya, Jitish Kallat, Shilpa Gupta; as also being interested in artists who work with references to tradition and materiality as in the case of Nilima Sheikh and Desmond Lazaro. The gallery’s special interest in artists who work in installations, performance and new media is represented through the works of L.N. Tallur, Vivan Sundaram and Pushpamala N. amongst others. In its 52nd year and counting, the gallery remains to be relevant with a robust contemporary programme – and a roster of artists who’s work is in the forefront of both the national and international art scene. Shireen has pushed the gallery space further into the art fair space in India and abroad: Art Basel, Hongkong; Art Based, Dubai; India Art Fair to name a few.