Ashis Kabasi

Ashis Kabasi was born in Kolkata in 1965. Although he is deaf and mute, he vibrates with optimism. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Government College of Art and Crafts and his Master of Fine Arts from Visva Bharti University, Santiniketan.

Ashis explores various still lifes – wine glasses, bottles, pots and pans are all part of his works. As part of his unique style, he elongates the neck of his human faces and still figures and plays with the yin-yang of the human torso. His faces are either angry or surprised, be it fish, a child or a woman, they all have rolled lips. He enjoys painting children playing games as it adds action and rhythm to his works.

Ashis paints in a sharp edged manner. He creates a collage-like painting. Things and objects are disciplined in the way that they are arranged, but the strokes and objects never seem to settle down in a permanently contemplative situation for him. He uses less colour because he is more pre-occupied with shapes and forms rather than colour quality.

He has had several solo and groups exhibitions in India and abroad. He lives and works in Kolkata.